Perfect twin stroller You Can Choose Now

Perfect twin stroller You Can Choose Now

It’s not easy to choose the first stroller for your baby, it’s a big purchase. Our advice is making the right choice and our selection of the best strollers among the novelties best double stroller, but also the sure values, because your baby deserves a top stroller.

Before buying a stroller and being sure to make the best choice, it is important to take into account: the age of your child, the place where you live (city, country), your lifestyle (apartment, elevator, car, small or large car trunk) and what do you expect from a stroller: scalable or sustainable? Light and compact? Design and technique? To each his own priorities. Using the twin stroller is important here.

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The best baby stroller for your age

The combined stroller:  Also called modular stroller or 3 in 1, it is a frame on which you will adapt a carrycot best double stroller for walking, a hammock or a car seat. There are also 2 in 1 models without the carrycot. 

It is used from birth and has the advantage of being scalable. Up to 4-5 months, you will use the carrycot adaptable to the stroller and the car so that your baby is lying down to sleep. You can also use it as a bassinet. From 4-5 months, place in the shell seat in a semi-seated position. With it, you can transport baby in the car (up to 9-12 months).

From 6 months and up to 3-4 years, you will use the hammock.

Buying Tips: Choose it in good quality, it will follow your baby up to 3 years old. Check the equipment: hood, canopy, drink holder, seat reducer… “Extras” that sometimes make all the difference between two models!

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Its: it is often bulky and heavy, and more expensive to buy (but in the end it turns out to be economical because it will serve up to 3-4 years). 

The city stroller:  Light and compact, easy to handle, it is similar to the pushchair, but more comfortable, and can therefore be used from birth if the seat is fully reclining to the lying position. Today, the majority of models offer 3 or even 4 or more positions. 

Its: it is not made for long walks and is less comfortable than a carrycot or a cozy for a toddler. 

The cane stroller:  Very light, super compact when folded, it is the ultra-light stroller, ideal in town. So-called 2nd age stroller, it is suitable from 6 months if the seat is reclining, otherwise it is better to wait until your baby is 9 or 12 months old. There are models of modular strollers on which you can attach a carrycot or a seat-shell to use it from birth.

Buying advice: preferably choose a cane stroller so the hammock offers several positions so that your baby can take a nap.

Its: it has small wheels and no suspension, which makes it less comfortable.

The all-terrain stroller:  With its large wheels and top suspensions, it can be used from birth on condition that you buy the baby cozy car seat sold separately. Otherwise you have to wait until your baby is 9 months old. It is ideal if you live in the countryside, even if we see it a lot in the city because it is fashionable, a bit like the 4 x 4.